Writ Petition Against the Forced Eviction of Slum Dwellers in Belaghata, Kolkata

The IDIA P-PIL team worked round the clock to seek immediate judicial intervention to prevent the eviction of over 20 families inhabiting the slums in the Subhas Sarovar Area in Belaghata, Kolkata for the past 25 years. A writ petition (W.P.No.21193 (W) of 2017) was filed in the High Court of Kolkata to prevent the authorities from carrying out the illegal demolition and forced eviction in the guise of an alleged ‘beautification project’. In the alternative, full and complete rehabilitation and resettlement for the slum dwellers in accordance with the parameters laid down in Olga Tellis was sought. Ruling on the Petition, the Hon’ble High Court granted an interim stay on the demolition and eviction.

Despite the order of the Court, a bid was made to demolish the slum, during which the IDIA volunteers, who attempted to prevent the same, were brutally assaulted. The Court once again stepped in, issuing a contempt notice against the concerned ward councillor.

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NUJS IDIA volunteers assaulted in bid to stop slum demolition