Challenge to the Arbitrary Exclusion of Donnie from GNLU

The very first litigation after the institutionalisation of IDIA as a trust involved an IDIA scholar who was at the receiving end of an arbitrary admissions policy. Donnie Ashok, an IDIA scholar who recently graduated from GNLU (Gujarat National Law University) was refused admission, despite a good CLAT score that entitled him to entry into GNLU.

Donnie is a second batch IDIA scholar and easily one of the most extraordinary talents that IDIA has nurtured; gifted in not just the law, but technology as well. He is the architect of IDIA website (and many other websites which he designs in his free time); and the brain behind Superlawyer.

Donnie was thrown out of school for want of money (couldn’t pay his fees), which is when the then IDIA team leader Ramanuj Mukherjee spotted him (filling challans for lorries etc to make a living) and brought him to IDIA.

Donnie’s fight yielded quick results, with the GNLU agreeing to change its arbitrary rule and admit Donnie to its ranks.

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